Quelle éthique pour l’intelligence artificielle en santé ? EN

What ethics for artificial intelligence in health? ALIA SANTé Integrating artificial intelligence into the medical field means asking the right questions, especially at the ethical level. Reading time: 3 minutes   How to guarantee ethics for artificial intelligence related to health?   Ethics is the big question related to artificial intelligence, and especially in the […]

L’intelligence artificielle ou IA, qu’est-ce que c’est ? EN

What is artificial intelligence or AI? ALIA SANTé Artificial intelligence raises both philosophical and computer questions Everyone has a little idea about AI.  But what do we really know?    Reading time: 2 minutes   Artificial intelligence is a set of algorithms used to simulate human intelligence at different scales.   AI is made up […]

L’intelligence artificielle médicale à travers le monde. EN

Medical artificial intelligence around the world. ALIA SANTé Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is the answer to a wide range of health-related demographic issues. It is helping to improve the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Medical artificial intelligence accompanies and improves many lives around the world.   Reading time: 4 minutes   Since […]

L’intelligence artificielle au service de l’humain. EN

Artificial intelligence at the service of people. ALIA SANTé Artificial intelligence and humans. Artificial intelligence is a tool created by humans, and for humans. It’s the result of nearly a century of research by leading mathematicians. The continuous addition of new data. Powerful and reliable, artificial intelligence is at the service of humans. If it’s […]

Qu’est-ce qu’un Data Scientist ? EN

What is a Data Scientist? ALIA SANTé DATA SCIENTIST This professional collects, analyzes and valorizes data. It’s a new job that has emerged throughout the 21st century. But what is the real role of a Data Scientist?   Reading time: 3 minutes   How does he work?   The Data Scientist must transform raw data […]

L’intelligence artificielle au service de la radiologie EN

Artificial intelligence for radiology ALIA SANTé Artificial intelligence and radiology are now complementary Indeed, the emergence of artificial intelligence has led to the development of new types of radiological consultation. Artificial intelligence and radiology are now complementary. Indeed, the emergence of artificial intelligence has led to the development of new types of radiological consultations. Reading […]

L’ABC des IA pour mieux comprendre les datas EN

The ABCs of AI to better understand data ALIA SANTé Understanding how our AIs work also means understanding everything that surrounds them. Alia Santé is all about transparency, so we tell you a little more with the ABCs of AI! Reading time: 4 minutes   A Algorithm : An algorithm is a set of instructions […]

Témoignage Synaxys EN

Testimonial Synaxys ALIA SANTé Read the testimonial from Synaxys, a pioneer in neuro-engineering, who called on Torus Medical to help them realize their project. Reading time: 2 minutes.   Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or autism are all terms that are likely to ring a bell. All correspond to disorders or diseases of […]

Le numérique responsable EN

Responsible digital technology ALIA SANTé Computers and digital technology play a key role in our society, and are used in almost every sector, including AI. Although digital technology has many advantages, it also causes serious damage: environmental pollution and social problems. Is a responsible digital future possible? Reading time: 4 minutes   How can we […]