Collaboration with healthcare specialists


Collaboration with healthcare specialists

We are committed to establishing algorithms in line with the practices of medical professionals. Our work is carried out in collaboration with healthcare professionals.

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Working with specialists

We develop artificial intelligence solutions for the healthcare sector. That’s why we’re keen to establish algorithms that are in line with the practices of medical professionals. That’s why we work closely with healthcare specialists. Together, we share an interest in simplifying access to care.

Our network of experts includes the CPTS Sud Toulousain, the CHU de Saint-Étienne, the Hôpital de Sienne, the CHU de Bruxelles and Innov’Pôle Santé.

Together, we co-develop our artificial intelligence modules. Our collaboration with healthcare specialists ensures the accuracy and relevance of our modules. Our team is committed to creating structures for reliable care paths. In this way, we can guarantee that artificial medical intelligences are developed and supervised by competent personnel. In healthcare on the one hand, and digital on the other. We rely on specialist validation to ensure the quality of our modules. Creating trusted content is the objective of this collaboration. With this guarantee, specialists can integrate the modules into the interfaces they have already mastered.

If you’re a curious healthcare professional, you might be interested in working with Alia Santé. We can help you develop a specific project or mature an idea. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alia Santé is always open to new collaborations with healthcare professionals.