AI at the service of Biotechs and Medtechs.
With Alia Santé, your healthcare data becomes immediately actionable.

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Data management system

Platform for storing, structuring and managing your healthcare data.
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Data annotation tools

You have access to annotation and sharing tools for all your expert centers.
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Synthetic data generation

You can generate digital twins, avatars and much more.

AI module creation

Our collaborative approach aims to develop reliable, customized AI algorithms for you.

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DATA/IA maturity audit

Enhance the management and value of your data

Carry out a Data IA maturity audit, measuring compliance, performance and the impact of improvement levers on your healthcare information system.

This audit will highlight gaps in your current practices or uncover opportunities for optimization and innovation.

Synthetic data generation

Synthetic data, real results

Generate your first synthetic data in just a few minutes

Our vision

We are constantly exploring how artificial intelligence can positively impact the field of healthcare. By creating an ecosystem where technology and people coexist harmoniously. We envision a future where democratic access to AI transforms biotech and medtech, improving healthcare and organizational efficiency.

Our mission

Alia Santé aims to put people back at the heart of healthcare technologies. We democratize AI in the biotech and medtech sectors, while reinforcing the expertise of caregivers. Our solutions, based on ethics and scientific research, make us a French reference in artificial intelligence applied to healthcare.

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Who we are ?

Alia Santé is a Toulouse-based start-up specializing in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for the healthcare sector.

Our team is composed of experts in artificial intelligence and healthcare professionals to offer you the latest technological innovations.