Identify your data/AI maturity

Why assess your data maturity ?

Improve your healthcare AI projects

Identify the obstacles and shortcomings of your projects to define the levers for improvement.

Establish your Data / AI Roadmap

Clarify a vision of your strategy for managing your data and integrating AI models into your business.

Increase your competitiveness

Gain in performance by integrating AI, the majority of companies achieve a gain in productivity or sales.

Benefit from

free DATA IA audit

Improve the management and enhancement of your data

Conduct a review of your Data IA maturity, measuring compliance, performance and the impact of levers for improvement in your healthcare information system.

This audit will highlight gaps in your current practices or uncover opportunities for optimization and innovation.

Do you have any questions about the audit?

The stages of your user path

What you get

A maturity map and action plan.

The aim of this audit is to quickly give you an indication of your level of Data/IA maturity: from managing your data to implementing artificial intelligence projects.

This approach enables you to better understand and anticipate the levers for improvement and the opportunities for integrating AI into your activities.

As soon as the audit is completed, you’ll receive a free audit report. You can then contact us to draw up an action plan tailored to your needs.

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Companies say they are affected by data quality problems data quality

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Employees waste an average of 50% of their time correcting data-related errors

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According to a Gartner study, this represents the annual financial loss for companies.

Data and Artificial Intelligence diagnostic by BPI France

Benefit from BPI assistance

Do you want to harness the potential of AI and data in your business?

No matter where you are in your understanding of AI and data, this diagnostic is specially designed for companies wishing to initiate an innovative approach and boost their growth through artificial intelligence projects.

This program is part of the IA Booster France 2030 initiative, supported by Bpifrance and the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty, among others…