What is a Data Scientist?



This professional collects, analyzes and valorizes data. It’s a new job that has emerged throughout the 21st century. But what is the real role of a Data Scientist?


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How does he work?

The Data Scientist must transform raw data into usable information using machine learning algorithms.
They need to be on many fronts. Curious, they need to be alert to new techniques. He must be able to devise plans of attack. Gather relevant data. But above all, it’s a job that demands great intellectual agility. His or her ability to cross-reference data and elaborate ideas will enable him or her to respond to individual problems.

What does it code?

This professional generally works on behalf of companies. They are mostly asked to work on a B2B basis. In order for the professional to establish the ideal algorithm, a company will present him/her with its current problem. Through this, the Data Scientist will need to gather the data collected by the company. Thanks to this data, the Data Scientist will develop a state-of-the-art solution, adapted to the company’s needs, in 4 main stages :

  • Data cleansing and storage
  • Data processing
  • Analysis and production of predictions
  • Communication of results

Data Scientists in a nutshell

Today, there are several routes into this profession. The most conventional route is through university. There are a number of courses up to baccalaureate +6 that allow access to this field of expertise. Mathematics, computer science, statistics… However, these courses are more suited to certain profiles than others.

Homme avec son ordinateur sur du code

The Data Scientist and his place in the world

Working in data science therefore requires a great deal of curiosity. It also requires an unfailing sense of rigor and organization. To be in data science is to be in the future. Indeed, this is one of the professions of the future.