Qu’est-ce qu’un Data Scientist ? EN

What is a Data Scientist? ALIA SANTé DATA SCIENTIST This professional collects, analyzes and valorizes data. It’s a new job that has emerged throughout the 21st century. But what is the real role of a Data Scientist?   Reading time: 3 minutes   How does he work?   The Data Scientist must transform raw data […]

Témoignage Synaxys EN

Testimonial Synaxys ALIA SANTé Read the testimonial from Synaxys, a pioneer in neuro-engineering, who called on Torus Medical to help them realize their project. Reading time: 2 minutes.   Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy or autism are all terms that are likely to ring a bell. All correspond to disorders or diseases of […]

témoignage certipair EN

CertiPair testimonial ALIA SANTé Discover the testimony of CertiPair, a collaborative base for short medical advice, which called on the expertise of Torus Medical to help it carry out its project. Reading time: 2 minutes.   You have just left your medical appointment and yet you have already forgotten your doctor’s advice and/or prescriptions! Don’t […]